There are many types of therapeutic massage available, but aromatherapy massage is one that is unique. It combines the benefits of massage and essential oils, bringing the two together to deliver a relaxing and invigorating experience. Furthermore, this type of massage is good for your health and so, it has many uses. From enhancing your mood to healing the body in several ways, it is an experience to be enjoyed and embraced.


What to Expect on Aromatherapy Massage?

An aromatherapy massage is the use of massage and essential oils to create an experience that helps to create positive emotions, reduce pain and even aid depression. As soon as you enter the room, you will experience relaxation thanks to the aroma of the essential oils. The therapy will begin with deep breathing, and this helps to ease stress and tension throughout the body. Your therapist will then begin working your entire body, massaging the scalp, face, neck, and shoulders before moving to other areas. Your muscles will relax, tension will ease, and you will find yourself in a relaxed state of mind.

After the essential oil massage therapy, you will feel calm and more relaxed, and you might feel as though you have more energy. Aromatherapy massage focuses on helping the body to heal, and you might experience what is known as a healing crisis when symptoms might get worse. However, this is part of the experience and proof that aromatherapy massage has worked for you because, within 24 hours, your body will release waste products and will rebalance itself.


Aromatherapy Massage Benefits:

Relieves Anxiety

There are many reasons why we might experience anxiety, but aromatherapy massage can help to encourage you to relax and let go of those emotions. As it works to relax your senses through the essential oils and the massage, together they will help you to ease tension. The treatment releases endorphins that leave you feeling good and happy, and that can help with anxiety reduction.

Headache Relief

Headaches can take their toll on the body, but aromatherapy message can help to alleviate the symptoms. Through the use of massage and essential oils such as peppermint or Ylang Ylang, it is possible to use aromatherapy massages to help relax the body and eventually ease headaches. The use of massage can help to solve chronic headaches too, proving that it has many uses.

Symptoms of Depression

Depression can prove a challenge to treat, but aromatherapy massage treatments can help to alleviate stress, worry and allow your mind and body to feel calm. This can help to ease your thoughts and mind, helping you to experience a natural easing of the symptoms of depression. Furthermore, it also releases chemicals in the brain that leave you feeling happy and positive.

Aromatherapy Massage Heightens the Relaxation Effect

A massage alone is enough to leave you feeling related, but the aroma and massage therapy work together to help you feel your best by leaving you completely relaxed. The environment, the scent, and the way in which the massage moves around the body will enhance your feeling of relaxation.

Enhanced Mental Well-Being

Through the blend of essential oils and massage, it is possible to enhance your mental well-being. When you combine these unique elements of this holistic treatment, it helps to release stress and promotes a natural feeling of well-being. They enhance how your brain works, and so, by using the two, they stimulate the olfactory nerves in the brain. This then helps to improve serotonin production, and that improves your mental function and alertness. You could also benefit from essential oils such as orange and other citrus oils to boost your mood.

Enhanced Mood

The release of all these feel-good chemicals is the reason you feel so much better after an aromatherapy massage. When you take time out for yourself to take care of your health, you will find yourself benefiting from the likes of the essential oils and the massage. All of this helps to lift your mood and leave you feeling good.

Positive Emotional Health

Our emotions can often get the better of us and can leave us suffering from a range of problems. Therefore, it is essential to look after your health by arranging an aromatherapy massage. The way in which it releases mood-boosting chemicals relaxes the muscles and leaves the skin feeling good, all leaving you feeling better and more upbeat.

Reduced Pain and Inflammation

Essential oils and massage will work together to help focus on areas where you are experiencing pain in muscles and joints. This can help to ease the pain, but also reduce inflammation and discomfort. As the muscles and tissues are treated, it helps to stimulate blood flow but also chemicals in the brain that can ease the feeling of pain. One of the main essential oils used for this is peppermint, as it cools and invigorates.


Best Oils to Use

There is a whole range of oils that you can use. Here are the main-recommended oils:

Lavender – This helps to promote relaxation, and it helps to complete a function that the body needs. It helps to handle stress and can also help to promote better sleep.

Peppermint – A few drops of this to the temple can help to ease headaches. It can also be used as a stimulant, which means it is great for use on aching muscles.

Eucalyptus – This can help to deal with congestion, but also painful muscles. It has both antiviral and antibacterial properties too.

Grapefruit – This is an uplifting oil, but it can help to improve mood and decrease blood pressure.

Rosemary – Used in aromatherapy to help improve the digestive tract, while it helps to ease headaches and boost the immune system.

Bergamot – This is used to deliver pain-relieving properties, but it also helps to calm and improve mood, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

Tea Tree Oil – This is great for skin, and it can help to deal with issues such as contact dermatitis when used in aromatherapy


How often should you have an aromatherapy massage? 

It is recommended that aromatherapy massage is accessed once a week for the initial six weeks. This will help the client to become familiar with the treatment and to benefit from it too. Whether it’s stress or pain relief, it can help to improve health. After this period, patients can then use it once every two weeks or once a month. However, if you find that it helps you deal with problems that it can help to have the treatment when you want it as this will enable you to have the best experience.


Tips to Make The Most of Your Massage

There are a number of things to consider when booking your aromatherapy massage. However, follow these tips, and you will get as much from it as possible.

Select essential oils that are perfect for your needs. You might want to combat stress or ease pain and so, choosing the right essential oils will enhance the experience.

You should also decide whether the oil will be diffused or applied to the skin during the massage.

Likewise, you should avoid a full meal or eating a heavy meal before your massage. This could lead to stomach issues during and after.

Drink water before, and after your treatment while you should also think about having a snack.

Have a shower after your treatment. As oils might be applied to your skin, it can help to shower to remove the oils from your skin.

If you have any questions, then you should not hesitate to ask questions. This will ensure that you have the best experience and make the right choices.


Conclusion Paragraph

Aromatherapy massage comes with a range of benefits. Understanding the different elements of the treatment using essential oils can help you to get the most from it. Ask the right questions and make the right choices, and you will experience the full range of benefits that come with using massage and essential oils together.

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