Thai Massage

Thai Massage

The fact about Thai Massage that is commonly unknown is that it originates in India, and the founder Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, a contemporary of Buddha based Thai massage on the yogic principles of Prana , otherwise known as invisible lines of energy that run through the body.

Thai Massage is based on the selection of multiple main energy lines sufficient for practical treatment for the internal organs and entire body. In accordance with ancient Asian culture, and also treats the subtle energetic field within the body.

The Thai massage therapist manipulates your body into stretches and incorporates compression, acupressure, and joint mobility throughout the massage.

What to Expect from a Jasmine Thai Massage

  • The entire experience will leave you in a state of relaxation
  • You will experience a wide range of bodywork that is delivered by experts
  • There is a certain rhythm and flow to the experience as well as smoothness
  • The entire process is never rushed and so, our experts take their time, allowing you to enjoy and indulge in the massage experience
  • The same speed and rhythm are used, and so, there are no quick changes that can reduce the impact of the massage
  • A wide range of techniques are used, and they transition seamlessly from one into the other, keeping the motion and the movement consistent
  • You will be provided with appropriate clothing for your massage or you may opt to wear your own clothes, but it is a much more relaxing experience to wear the garments provided which are loose fitting, and comfortable
  • During your massage, you will be pulled & stretched, and rocked at the hands of your  massage therapist
  • Our massage staff will use every part of their body to do this, including their thumbs, elbows, and knees
  • A traditional Thai massage is completely different from massages that Europeans usually experience, as you are are not kneaded


  • This form of massage increases circulation, which delivers increased levels of nutrients and oxygen to your muscles and tissue
  • Through Thai massage, your body will rid itself of carbon dioxide, toxins, and metabolic bi-products.
    When correctly administered, and enables your body to become more efficient at reversing the aging process
  • When delivered by a professional, Thai Massage can provide relief from chronic pain and headaches, and it relaxes the sympathetic nervous system
  • Thai massage aids us by increasing (and maintaining) joint mobility and flexibility
  • Through Thai massage you will experience a sense of calm and well-being as you unwind
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