Thai Massage

Origins of Traditional Thai Massage

Thai Massage: A Practice Rooted in Indian Tradition

Though often associated with Thailand, Thai Massage has its origins in India. Its founder, Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, was a contemporary of Buddha and devised the practice based on yogic principles of Prana—energy lines that traverse the body.

The Philosophy Behind Thai Massage

Balancing Energy Lines for Holistic Healing

Our traditional therapy focuses on multiple key energy lines in the body, ensuring a comprehensive treatment of internal organs and the entire body. Drawing on ancient Asian traditions, it addresses the subtle energetic field within the body for complete well-being.

Techniques Employed from our Thai Massage Expert

Stretching, Compression, and Acupressure: The Cornerstones of Thai Massage

During your relaxing and stay, our therapist manipulates your body with a combination of stretches, compression, acupressure, and joint mobility to provide an invigorating experience.

What to Expect from your stay at Jasmine Spa

Unrushed and Harmonious: A Seamless Experience

Expect a calming and rejuvenating experience with our expert therapists. They take their time, maintaining a consistent rhythm and flow, employing a variety of techniques and treatments that transition smoothly from one to another.

Clothing for Your Comfort

We provide loose-fitting, comfortable garments for your treatment, or you may choose to wear your own clothes. Our priority is to ensure you feel relaxed during your session.

Full-Body Treatments with a Personal Touch

Our experts use every part of their body, including thumbs, elbows, and knees, to pull, stretch, and rock you during your session. This unique approach sets us apart from the typical European experience.

Benefits of Thai Massage

Improved Circulation and Detoxification

We promote increased circulation through our work, delivering essential nutrients and oxygen to your muscles and tissues. It also helps your body eliminate carbon dioxide, toxins, and metabolic by-products.

Anti-Aging and Pain Relief

When performed by a Thai Massage Expert, this traditional therapy can enhance the body’s efficiency in reversing the ageing process. It can also provide relief from chronic pain, headaches, and relax the sympathetic nervous system.

Joint Mobility and Flexibility

Thai Massage supports the maintenance and improvement of joint mobility and flexibility, promoting overall bodily health.

A Sense of Calm and Well-Being

Experience a profound sense of calm and well-being as you unwind during your stay with us, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated.

Why Choose Jasmine Spa for Your Experience

Expertise and Authenticity: The Jasmine Spa Difference

At Jasmine Spa on Renshaw Street, Liverpool, we pride ourselves on offering you the finest experience in various styles. Our team of friendly, fully qualified therapists has extensive massage experience in both Thailand and England, ensuring an authentic and exceptional service.

Premium Facilities in Liverpool City Centre

Our state-of-the-art facilities provide a comfortable and welcoming environment for your visit. We offer six rooms, including two double rooms, all fitted with private showers and fully air-conditioned for your convenience. Explore our gallery or take a 3D tour to see our luxurious premises.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is it for?

Its suitable for anyone over the age of 16, barring individuals with specific health conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, recent surgery, or pregnancy. Consult your doctor before you book in, if you have any concerns at all.

What should I wear for my treatment?

During your visit, you can choose to wear your underwear or be fully undressed, covered by a towel. Our therapists are skilled at maintaining your privacy and ensuring you feel comfortable throughout the session.

What does a session include?

Typically, it lasts two hours, encompassing rhythmic pressing, stretching, and manipulation of the entire body. Techniques may involve pulling fingers, toes, and ears, cracking knuckles, and even walking on the recipient’s back.

What are the most popular full-body treatment options?

Spas offer a range of full-body treatments, with one of the most popular being the Thai Oil Treatment. This technique uses oils and lotions, providing a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

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Choose Jasmine Spa for your treatments and discover the exceptional benefits of this ancient healing art in a luxurious and welcoming setting. Book your session today and experience the difference for yourself.

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