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Jasmine Spa is a therapeutic massage clinic that aims to deliver the best Sports Massage.

Professional sports massage uses varying degrees of pressure (often a deep tissue massage is more intense and focused than in conventional massage) to speed up an athlete’s recovery time before a competition and importantly to help prevent injury. It also allows you to prepare your body and also to recover after training or a sporting competition.

Many professionals believe that a complete training programme should include not just the exercise itself, but also regular sports massage therapy for the sportsperson or athlete to reach optimum performance levels.

Thai sports massage releases tense muscles, improves flexibility, and energizes your entire body. Because each sport is unique and uses the muscle groups in different ways, a qualified sports massage therapist will have expert knowledge of the muscular and skeletal systems, to tailor the ideal treatment therapy for each individual body.

At Jasmine Spa, we offer therapeutic full body sports massage with our trained and highly experienced therapists.

What To Expect From A Sports Massage

  • The strokes used are usually directed towards the heart, this technique is designed to increase blood and lymph flow
  • Your therapist sometimes massages you with shorter strokes in the opposite direction – this is designed to stretch your muscle fibres.
  • The sports remedial massage will start with ‘effleurage’, a variety of stroking movements usually carried out with the whole palm of the hand and the fingers, which enables you to become accustomed to your therapist’s touch, warm your body’s tissues and increase your blood flow
  • The next technique to be used is called ‘petrissage’, which is kneading designed to work on deeper tissues, mobilise fluids, stretch muscle fibres and enhance relaxation.
  • After this comes to the ‘frictions’ method – aimed at breaking down lesions and even scar tissue, and separating muscle fibres.
  • Don’t be afraid to tell your Thai sports massage therapist to be gentle on particular areas if this is uncomfortable which is common.

Benefits of Massage Therapy for Athletes

This type of massage has multiple benefits for an athlete, or anyone completing a regular exercise. It can:

  • Relax muscles
  • Reduce fatigue
  • Relieve swelling around your joints
  • Boost circulation and the immune system so that the body heals faster
  • Improve your flexibility and body strength
  • Slow your heart rate and lower blood pressure
  • Increase your circulation and your lymph flow
  • Aid recovery after you’ve completed strenuous exercise
  • Sports massage helps with the recovery process following an injury
  • Prevent frequenting injuries by getting rid of the tension in the muscles
  • Thai Sports massage can also read the body to see if there are any areas where the soft tissue or muscle is weaker and help strengthen it to prevent it from breaking down.
  • Check out our detailed post on the benefits of sports massage.

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