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Oil massage is more commonly known as Aromatherapy massage. This is a Swedish massage therapy that uses massage oil or lotion containing essential oils (highly concentrated plant oils).

During an oil massage, you inhale these essential oil molecules or absorb them through your skin. They are meant to promote beneficial changes in your mind and body by manipulating the limbic system, a section of the brain linked to emotion.

What to Expect from a Full Body Oil Massage

  • Using hands our experts will stimulate the tissue with hands sliding over the body with no friction
  • Using the oil and the correct technique it will help to rejuvenate the body and promote health & relaxation
  • You will find aromatherapy massage at almost every massage clinic or spa. However, the quality of essential oils vary widely as do the style of treatment and level of customisation
  • Most Massage therapists have several premixed blends and will choose the blend based on your health status
  • A massage for relaxation and stress relief would likely include lavender essential oil, while an uplifting massage may include rosemary essential oil
  • Your therapist may involve you in the oil selection process by inviting you to smell different blends and choose a preferred aroma
  • Certain massage therapists like to add essential oils to massage oil immediately prior to each massage based on your health goals and condition
  • Essential oils are different from oils made with synthetic scents that don’t have therapeutic output and experienced massage therapists tend to use quality essential oils.
  • When you are finished, the massage therapist may recommend a blend that you can use yourself in between massage treatments

Massage Benefits

All essential oil used in oil massage contains different properties. For example, some calm and make you feel relaxed while others are a decongestant. These are some of the main essential oils that we use during our oil massage:

  • Lavender, chamomile and geranium oil (Calming Oils)
  • Eucalyptus, tea tree oil and pinel (Decongesting Oils)
  • Rosemary oil (Energising Oil)
  • Ylang-ylang,rose, neroli oil and clary sage (Uplifting Oils)

As oil massage techniques are similar if not the same as those practiced in common massages like Swedish massage, people often get it for a sore back, neck, and/or shoulder muscles or for general stress relief. The use of
therapeutic essential oils in massage is being trialed for the following conditions:

  • Insomnia
  • Menstrual pain
  • Anxiety
  • Supportive care for people with conditions such as cancer
  • Dementia symptoms
  • Depression
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