There is no denying that the benefits that come with a massage are truly amazing but the frequency at which you should get a massage will depend on many factors. Whether you are able to receive a massage will be based on both your physical and emotional needs as well as stress levels and even your health. Therefore, it can help to understand how often you can have a massage and what things you will need to consider.

So, we are going to look at how typically you should get a massage and what different types of massages are available.


Types of Massage

1. Deep Tissue Massage

The massage therapist will provide a deep tissue massage using forceful strokes that work on the muscles at a deeper level as well as connective tissue. This type of massage is frequently used when individuals are suffering from an injury. It is possible to have this massage more frequently than other types as it can help recovery. Therefore, you can have it daily if you wish. However, your therapist will recommend how frequently you should have it.

2. Full Body Massage

This is also known as a Swedish massage and is designed to deliver an experience that is relaxing. It is a massage that you can only have occasionally such as every few weeks or once a month. This will help you to reduce stress and feel relaxed.

3. Sports Massage

A sports massage will focus on manipulating the soft tissue and is designed to help ease aches and pains in those who undertake regular physical exercise. It can be used to correct problems and imbalances, and it can be used before and after exercise as it can help to improve performance, prevent injury and aid recovery. When it comes to how frequently you can have this, it is recommended that you have it every 2 to 4 weeks.

4. Four Hands Massage

As the name suggests, this massage will not involve one therapist but two. Two therapists will work on the client at the same time and they will mirror the movements of each other. While one therapist works on one side of the body, the other therapist will work on the other. As with other massages, this type of massage can only be given occasionally, such as every few weeks or once a month.

5. Oil Massage

An oil massage is known to be gentler than other massages due to the way in which the oil reduces friction, allowing the therapist to move over the body smoothly. It will help to improve blood circulation and it will relax and calm you. You can have this kind of massage every couple of weeks or once a month.

6. Thai Massage

Thai massage involves the use of a traditional therapy that also takes advantage of acupressure. The aim is to help the flow of energy through the body while aiding relaxation. It is an ancient healing practice that comes with a wealth of benefits, although it is recommended that you have this massage around 2–3 times a month.



1. Pregnant

It has been found that regular, light massage can bring with it a number of benefits for someone who is pregnant. It could help with leg and back pain while helping to ease stress. Therefore, it is recommended that you can have a 20-minute massage on a weekly basis when pregnant.

2. Injury

If you have an injury that causes pain, it is natural to seek as much treatment as possible. Therefore, it is recommended that you visit your therapist around once a week until you notice that your body is beginning to heal. Once you begin to heal, you can then reduce the frequency between each massage.

3. Chronic Pain

Chronic pain can be debilitating and can prevent you from living a normal life and so, you can opt to have massages more frequently such as weekly. It’s important to work with your therapist to determine what treatment is required and to let them know what is working and what isn’t.

4. Back Pain

Back pain can prevent you from carrying out even the most mundane of daily tasks. However, regular massage may help to speed up the recovery time as deep tissue massage performed for 30 minutes daily could do a lot to help ease the pain.

5. Neck Pain

Massage can help to ease neck pain, and it has been found that it is possible to have a 60-minute massage twice a week to take advantage of the benefits. This will help to ease any muscle tension and aid recovery.

6. Anxiety and Stress

Massage has been found to help with stress and anxiety, so it is recommended that you have a massage at least once a month. The aim is to aid relaxation which can help to raise serotonin levels and combat stress.

7. Athletes Training

For those who train frequently, a sports massage should be given weekly. This will enable your therapist to target individual muscle groups to help aid mobility and recovery.


What to Do to Prolong the Effects of Massage?

To prolong the effects of massage, it can help to stretch between massages, especially if you cannot commit to regular treatments. This will help to keep muscles supple and will prevent them from stiffening up during treatments.


With many types of massages to choose from, there is something to suit you. Whether you are looking to ease stress, deal with an injury or ease chronic pain, getting a massage will ensure that you give your body the chance to heal. They come with a wealth of benefits, so identifying what works for you will help to make a significant difference.

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