It’s important that we take care of our bodies and our minds and this can be achieved with a four-hand massage. This kind of treatment is all about giving your body what it needs which is why you should consider it when booking your next spa treatment. It boasts a whole range of benefits, making it an immersive experience from start to finish.

What is The Four Hands Massage?

There might be a clue in the name but this kind of massage requires two therapists. As a result, they both use their hands at the same time, which is where the name comes from. However, what you will experience is a higher level of focus as they can work on several parts of your body at one time using their four hands, which is why it is considered better than two. With more of the body worked, you’ll experience everything from relaxation to calmness while aromatherapy techniques, as well as slow strokes and long strokes, help to provide a thorough massage that turns this form of therapy into something that is hugely satisfying.

If clients require the therapists to focus on one part of the body such as the legs or back, then it’s possible to tailor the massage to their needs. Finally, the idea of being pampered by four hands instead of two adds a new sensation and that’s what people often appreciate.

How Does It Work?

This form of massage will work by allowing the two therapists to use their four hands to work more of the body or to deliver a more intense massage to one area. This means that they can cover more of the body where necessary but it works to relax the muscles, helping to ease out any tension and strain that can cause problems with the body. However, when it comes to spa services and treatments, this one comes with a wide range of benefits.

What Are the Benefits?

Enhanced Relaxation

This treatment brings with it two qualified therapists and that means that you are going to experience improved relaxation during the massage and after it. The body will be massaged by two therapists and when they are massing different sides of your body or different areas, it means that the brain doesn’t have the ability to focus on a movement which leads to the brain eventually relaxing, which then leads to the rest of the body relaxing.

Soothing Muscles

Our muscles can become tight and knotted but a four-handed massage will add the required pressure to help with pain, soreness and aching in your muscles. When it comes to massages, having two therapists working at the same time can help those who lead active lives to benefit from muscles that are loosened and soothed.

Reduced Stress

Stress is something that many of us suffer from and it can affect the mind and body. When you relax in a peaceful environment and allow the therapists to deliver massages to the whole body, it will enable you to clear your mind and relax and that can help to decrease cortisol which then means that stress is reduced. Your mood will be heightened and you will find that you will feel relaxed after the treatment has finished. So, you’re essentially having two massages in one session which means you’ll benefit from improved stress reduction.

Improved Blood Circulation

With four hands working on more body parts, it means that your muscles are being worked faster than if you were having a two-hand massage. When they work the muscles using the right techniques, they will remove knots and that increases blood flow while oxygen will be delivered around the body, helping to speed up the healing process in the body.

Improved Mental Health

The benefits of a four hands massage go further than leaving you feeling relaxed and more comfortable because it can also help with mental health. Stress and aching muscles or a lack of sleep can leave you feeling anxious, tired and depressed, all of which can have an impact on your body and your mental health. By reducing stress and enhancing relaxation, it will mean that your mind is clearer and that all negative thoughts are removed thanks to the feel-good chemicals that take over during these kinds of massages.

Better Sleep

For a healthy lifestyle, it’s imperative that we give our body the chance to repair. If you are lacking sleep, then your body will not function at its peak. So, regular four hands massages will improve your mindset, your relaxation levels and the way that you feel, enabling you to sleep easily without the added stresses that you were experiencing before the therapy.

Alleviate Anxiety

Stress, worry and a general feeling of uneasiness can leave us feeling anxious in a number of situations. With a four hands massage, you can explore the way in which these massages leave you feeling at ease and relaxed. When you have a clear mind and you alter the way you feel for the better it will help to alleviate anxiety and that’s why four hands massages are so popular with those who suffer from anxiety.

Try New Techniques

With traditional two-hand massages, you only get to experience the type of massage that you have requested. In contrast, four hand massages will combine many different techniques that they apply to the body. Therefore, they will use a certain technique based on the body and your needs while you can also request different types of massages to ensure you get the most from your massage.

Why Four Hand Massage is Perfect for You?

If you are looking to give your body a complete overhaul, then a four hands massage is certain to offer everything you are looking for. While many therapists will offer a range of services, a four-hand massage will ensure your entire body or certain areas of your body benefit from the wonders that this kind of massage offers. From leaving you relaxed to enhancing sleep and improving mental health, there is no denying that a four-hand massage is certainly worth considering.

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